Suboxone Clinic Frankfort KY: Waiting to Help You Recover from Addiction

Suboxone is a brand name prescription drug used for treating opioid use disorder for people abusing illegal or prescription opiates. The drug contains buprenorphine and naloxone, it blocks the effects of opiates and makes it easier for someone to stop using opiates like heroin or fentanyl. Our suboxone clinic Frankfort, KY understands the horrible symptoms of opiate addiction and through our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services, we are here to help you recover.

Why Does Our Suboxone Clinic Frankfort Prefer MAT?

Suboxone has become our preferred treatment for opiate addiction because we have witnessed the good it can do for our patients. Unlike other opiate replacement medications which require a prescription from a specialized suboxone treatment clinic, suboxone can be prescribed by a licensed and trained medical professional. Many people use suboxone at the beginning of treatment and some use it in continuing treatment and recovery. Our suboxone doctor helps our patients come up with a personalized suboxone treatment plan which will allow them to recover and become a successful, functional member of society again.

How Does Our Suboxone Clinic Maryland Help with Addiction Treatment?

Suboxone can be used during different stages of treatment and it is a long-term solution for managing and recovering from opiate addiction. When our providers use suboxone as part of a comprehensive recovery plan, it eliminates opiate cravings and stops withdrawal symptoms. It is extremely important for someone working with our providers keep all their follow-up appointments to ensure a complete and sustained recovery.

Are You Ready to Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Maryland?

Relying on suboxone alone for treating opioid use disorder isn’t enough and our suboxone clinic Frankfort knows that. Our providers use suboxone as a complement to other treatment methods our clinicians use for total and complete treatment. If you are ready to make a profound difference in your life and want to beat your opioid addiction, it’s time for you to reach out to our clinic because we can and will do whatever we can to ensure you’re able to recover.