The opiate epidemic is a public health emergency, all across the United States. Kentucky has the third highest rate of overdose deaths in America and our suboxone doctor in Frankfort is using an innovative approach to recovery. Our clinic is bridging the gap between Kentucky residents and timely access to treatment programs through 24/7 website access and our upcoming telemedicine platform. You no longer have to worry about where to turn for help or if a treatment program will be able to take you, because we can and will help you recover.

Our Suboxone Doctor in Frankfort is Tailoring Treatment Options

When searching online for medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder it will bring up endless possibilities. The search criteria can include insurance, gender, facility type, and whether or not there is co-occurring treatment for addiction and mental health issues. More than 500 drug treatment programs come up during an online search and finding one to use is tricky. To take the guesswork out of choosing a credible treatment center, our suboxone doctor in Frankfort is offering tailored treatment options for our MAT program.

How is Our Suboxone Clinic Working to Change KY Overdose Deaths?

Not only do we offer suboxone treatment for opioid use disorder, we are utilizing many other methods to save lives from drug overdose. We are raising awareness on our website by providing valuable information people need in order to make an informed decision about opiate addiction treatment. Our healthcare providers are listed in physician directories and our website is constantly being updated with the latest treatment information, drug abuse trends and addiction treatment breakthroughs. Slowly but surely our clinic is changing the face of opioid use disorder treatment, we are saving lives, building bridges and spreading the word about our services.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Right Now!

Suboxone Clinics in frankfortYou don’t have to spend anymore time wasting your life being consumed by opiate addiction, because we are available to help you. Our suboxone doctor in Frankfort accepts private insurance, state Medicaid, and we have a self-pay plan for those who need it most. Contact our suboxone clinic today because we will remove all the obstacles and difficulties that prevent you from recovering, leaving you no excuse but to get clean.