Suboxone as a Solution for Opiate Addiction

Suboxone clinics in Lexington are already helping to change and save lives. Those who are addicted to opiates: prescription drugs such as OxyContin, and illicit opiates such as heroin, need to know the facts about Suboxone. The first prescription drug of this type that is effective in treating the symptoms of opiate addiction. Suboxone contains a controlled opiate effect, which is effective for users suffering from opiate withdrawal, easing the pain of withdrawal symptoms while detoxifying the body of any existing opiates. Suboxone can only be prescribed by a doctor who is certified by SAMHSA to legally administer the drug.

Suboxone Clinics in Lexington

Users will first need to consult with their primary care provider. A primary care doctor can properly direct you to any specialists that you need. If your primary care doctor doesn’t have a Suboxone referral resource for you, then you can check with your insurance company, or you can search online for a reputable Suboxone directory like; you will find state by state suboxone directories with important information about Suboxone. Suboxone clinics across the nation are having success in dealing with opiate addiction! Suboxone is a great solution to the opiate epidemic.

Reputable Providers are Important – 502-305-8855

opiate addiction treatmentMake certain that your Suboxone provider is a reputable doctor with a long history of success in treating patients with opiate addictions. It’s prudent to shop around and get the prices of a few reputable providers before choosing any Suboxone doctor. Make a list of the best three or four doctors because clinics have a strict limit of how many patients a doctor can see and many are already at full capacity. You will want to call to see if the doctor is accepting new patients. Suboxone clinics in Lexington are taking new patients.