A sad reality faced by many people is that those who receive Medicaid for their healthcare needs suffer from substance use disorders. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an important options for people struggling with opioid use disorder and for residents of KY, scheduling a visit with our suboxone doctor in Frankfort for help. It’s very important for people addicted to opiates like heroin need access to treatment and we are making sure they get it either at our clinic location or through our upcoming telemedicine program.

How Many States Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment with Medicaid?

Many state Medicaid programs make it hard for people to receive medications for treating addiction. Currently, 28-states cover naloxone, buprenorphine and methadone, but to what extent varies from state to state. Some states require patients to try other treatment options before they will approve suboxone, but we will help our prospective patients navigate these obstacles to begin recovering. For people living with opioid use disorder, MAT can be a life saver and we will do our best to help everyone have access to it.

How Long Will It Take You to See Our Suboxone Doctor in Frankfort?

When you start searching online for a local suboxone clinic, you may be overwhelmed to find all the options available. After making a few phone calls to different treatment programs, many people become discouraged upon learning these programs have long waiting lists or aren’t even taking new patients. To cut through the time it takes to get into a MAT program, our clinic accepts most insurance plans, including state Medicaid and we have no waiting list which means immediate access is available when you need it the most.

Call Our Suboxone Clinic Today and Start Healing Your Life!

suboxone clinics frankfortWhen you are searching for a place to get help for opioid use disorder, the best place to begin is contacting our suboxone doctor in Frankfort. With time and dedication to recovery, our suboxone clinic, providers and staff will do their very best to see you through recovery and beyond. If you’re tired of all the misery caused by drugs then we invite you to contact our clinic, check into our MAT program today and begin to heal your life.