If you’ve been seeking a suboxone clinic to provide you with medication-assisted treatment, you’ve probably made countless phone calls, searched a lot of websites and come up empty, right? For people who have opioid use disorder, the challenges of finding a local suboxone doctor taking Medicaid and new patients can seem impossible, because that’s a difficult combination to find. However, our suboxone doctor in Frankfort takes new patients and Medicaid. Once we launch our telemedicine program, there will be nobody we can’t help- no matter where they live or what their circumstances might be.

Why Should You Allow Yourself Plenty of Time to Pick a Provider?

It is no doubt hard enough for you to make the decision to get treatment for your opiate addiction and it’s even hard trying to find a provider. Finding a doctor to prescribe suboxone through medication-assisted treatment is daunting, but it’s important to allow yourself enough time to find the right one for you. Patients should be careful about selecting a doctor, because it will affect their entire future and have a direct impact on their ability to heal.

What Should You Know About Our Suboxone Doctor in Frankfort?

Once you’ve looked around online and maybe even met with a few different suboxone doctors, you might not be ready to commit to a particular one or maybe the provider isn’t taking new patients. The most important thing you should know about our suboxone doctor in Frankfort is that this provider is licensed, ready to take new patients, accepts state Medicaid and will soon be available through our online telemedicine platform. After you have spoken to different treatment clinics, you will find the compassion, understanding and assistance you need from picking up the phone and contacting our clinic-we are ready and waiting for the call!

We also have clinics in Maryland for those who are relocating. Should you need a pain management Bowie referral, please let our team know and we can make the referral.