Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid


Do you have a problem with opiates such as heroin or painkillers? If you do, please know Frankfort suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid are available to help, at our clinic. Through using medication-assisted treatment, offering telemedicine/telehealth services, and accepting any medical insurance, Medicaid and Medicare, our treatment specialists are fighting back against the opiate epidemic enveloping the state of KY.

What Are Some Things to Know About Suboxone?

Our doctors use suboxone to provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for the patients we help. Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone and it is available in 2mg, or 8 mg dosages. A person should not take any other opiates while on suboxone because it will not allow them to get high and it sets them back in the healing process. We find by using suboxone with our MAT services allows our patients to avoid relapse, recover at home and maintain their dignity and privacy during the healing process.

What Can You Expect from Frankfort Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid?


Frankfort Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid Now


When you contact our suboxone clinic, you will speak with a caring addiction specialist, undergo a medical history and our staff will determine if you are a valid MAT candidate. Our MAT program is offered through telehealth services because we know if we are going to help people living outside of our treatment area, it needs to be easy to do.


Contact Our Frankfort Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid Now!


If you cannot access MAT services and suffer from opioid use disorder, please contact our Frankfort suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid. Our program offers help to anyone who needs it and we have same-day appointments, no waiting list, and by using telehealth, we are able to reach a lot more patients who may not otherwise have the chance for treatment. Please contact our program today, find out more information about our MAT program and learn how treatment can change your entire life.