Heroin Addiction Treatment Center
What are the treatment options for heroin addiction? Have you tried to stop using but find you cannot do it? In order to begin the recovery process from heroin addiction, the first step is to make a choice to stop and then to be placed on a medication-assisted treatment plan (MAT). At our heroin addiction treatment center in Frankfort, KY, you can get the help you need and have the future you’ve been dreaming about.

How is Heroin Addiction Treated with MAT?

There are a variety of different methods for treating opiate dependence, but at our heroin addiction treatment center in Frankfurt, KY, we prefer MAT.  Using medication-assisted treatment for heroin addiction involves doing a physical examination and providing a patient with suboxone. Heroin addiction is difficult to treat and through using MAT, our suboxone doctor has helped countless people become clean without the necessary uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


Why is MAT Best for Heroin Addiction Treatment?


Heroin Addiction Treatment with MAT


Medical science has shown through research that using MAT for opiate addiction treatment increases treatment retention, lessens the spread of infectious diseases, increases patient compliance and decreases drug use. At our heroin treatment center in Frankfurt, KY, our suboxone doctor knows MAT is the best option for treating heroin addiction because it stops cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making recovery a genuine possibility. MAT works and because we want to make it available to every person in need, our program accepts private payment, any medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

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When someone tries to stop using heroin, they go through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and run right back to it. Medication-assisted treatment can be hard to find, but at our heroin addiction treatment center in Frankfurt, KY, we offer same-day appointments, are available 24/7 and welcome everyone who needs help to reach out to us. Please contact our program today, talk to our addiction medicine specialists and find out if MAT could be the miracle you need to start living a clean life again.