Heroin Rehab Frankfort, KY


As an incredibly powerful opiate, heroin overdose death rates in the United States have reachedepidemic proportions. The drug is most often injected into a vein, but it is also snorted and smoked. Because of how heroin works on the chemical reward center of the brain, addiction can take over someone’s life in a short period of time. At our heroin rehab in Frankfort, KY, we use medication-assisted treatment or MAT to help people get clean and recover and it’s available to anyone needing rehab for addiction.


How Do We Make MAT Readily Available?


There are a number of reasons why we make our MAT program readily available to people through our telehealth services. Because we have a responsibility to save lives, through telehealth services, people who live in rural or urban areas without a close rehab center can access MAT for their heroin addiction. Not only is MAT cost-effective for our patients and our providers, it allows better treatment compliance, bridges obstacles some people have with treatment and ensures someone can get help the second they need it.


How Do You Know if You Need Heroin Rehab in Frankfort, KY?


Do you have a job and home responsibilities that are suffering due to your heroin addiction? Has your health been impacted by heroin abuse? How long have you been abusing heroin and unable to stop? If you have struggled with heroin addiction and feelings of shame and fear keep you from getting treatment, please think about using our MAT program. We accept any medical insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and have payment plans suited for any budget, because not only should treatment be accessible it should be affordable too.


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If you are desperately trying to stop using heroin and can’t then please contact our heroin rehab Frankfort, KY now. You deserve to have our help and we will do anything possible to ensure you survive your heroin addiction, because your life is valuable. Please contact our clinic today, because we care, we will help you recover from the disease of addiction once and for all.