Opiate Addiction Rehab in Frankfort, KY


What is an opiate? What makes these drug so addictive and deadly? Does seeking help from an opiate addiction rehab in Frankfort, KY really work? For those who are struggling with an opiate addiction, the answer isn’t to ignore it or wish it away, treatment is necessary and the sooner the better.

What are Opiates?


Opioids are classified as painkillers, whether naturally derived from the opium poppy or synthetically manufactured. The term “opiate” strictly applies to medications which are appropriated from the opium poppy. Doctors and dentists prescribe painkillers to relive acute pain or alleviate chronic pain. Opiates are addictive because of how they affect the reward system of the brain and should never be taken without a legitimate medical reason.


Why Do You Need an Opiate Rehab in Frankfort, KY?

Have you noticed you can’t stop using opiates? Did you begin taking a prescription opiate and turned to heroin because you couldn’t get your usual medication? Do you want to get clean but don’t know what to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the best course of action is for you to go into an opiate addiction rehab in Frankfort, KY.

Do You Want a New and Better Life?


Opiate Rehab in Frankfort, KY


Are you tired of trying to reclaim your life from opiates? Do you feel shame and guilt because you’ve allowed opiates to take over your life? Have you become isolated and spend all your time using opiates? If you wish to find the path to healing and want a new, brighter future, it can happen with one phone call. Please contact our opiate addiction rehab in Frankfort, KY today! Discuss your treatment needs with one of our caring addiction specialists and begin taking the steps to reclaim the future you deserve.