telemedicine for drug addictsOur suboxone doctors in Frankfort, KY believe our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services should be accessible, which is why we use telehealth services. All of our potential new patients can either visit our physical location or utilize our online telemedicine program. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, with no appointment needed and no waiting list, so we are here and ready to help, no matter what.

Why is Offering MAT Services Through Telehealth a Great Idea?telehealth for opiate addiction

Its well-known opiate dependence is extremely difficult to treat because of powerful cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Offering MAT services through our clinic is a great idea because it allows people who don’t live in an area with a program to access the necessary treatment online. Other benefits of offering outpatient addiction treatment through telehealth include direct access between patient and provider, no appointments are needed, there is no waiting list and it’s more convenient for someone who has logistical restrictions, time constraints and other obstacles to surmount.

Why Our Suboxone Doctors in Frankfort, KY Accept Any Type of Insurance:

Because we know going into a long-term residential treatment program can be way out of someone’s budget and requires too much time, our suboxone doctors offer MAT services. Our program accepts any kind of medical insurance, takes private pay patients and takes state Medicaid and Medicare because we want to ensure everyone has access to recovery resources. Through being flexible and providing transparent pricing, we strive to set ourselves apart from other providers and want to help everyone in need of treatment.

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Contact Our Suboxone Doctors in Frankfort, KY Today:

Our suboxone doctors in Frankfurt, KY believe everyone deserves a chance to beat their addiction to opiates. We offer telehealth because it brings treatment services to people living in rural areas and others who might not be able to arrange an in-person appointment at our facility. Please contact our program today, talk to our caring addiction specialists and know you are making the best possible choice to have the future you deserve.