There are pathways a person can take to recover from opioid use disorder. One pathway we use at REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Our Frankfort, KY MAT program is overseen by our suboxone doctors who are trained and knowledgeable in addiction care, we provide the support needed to enable someone to recover from opioid use disorder. To reach as many suffering people as possible, we have a physical clinic location and we offer telehealth services online to those who cannot come to our facility.

What Should Someone Understand About MAT Services?

What many people don’t understand about addiction is that it’s a disease of the brain, which helps explain why treating it is possible. Unless someone receives restorative treatment, the brain of an addict will only experience a worsening of the addiction. The important thing to remember about MAT services is that while a person will be receiving suboxone for a short period of time, when our doctor feels they are ready the dose is tapered down until he or she can become completely clean and drug-free.

The Supportive Frankfort, KY MAT Program at REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice

REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice provides a wide range of treatment programs we’re confident will give someone the tools needed to beat opioid use disorder. From the very first time you contact our Frankfort, KY treatment program, you’ll find we are different from any other place you’ve encountered. Our caring suboxone doctors realize you’ve been struggling for months or years with addiction, you need a program that’ll treat you with compassion and respect, which is what we provide. We will remain as supportive of you from day one as we do on the day, you’re ready to adjust to a drug-free life.

Contact REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice for MAT Recovery Services:

Our caring suboxone clinic serves all those in the Frankfort, KY area and beyond, because we have an intensive outpatient program (IOP) at our clinic and we offer MAT services online via telemedicine. We accept Medicaid, all medical insurance, and have affordable pricing available online. Once you’ve made the choice to stop using opiates and seek treatment, contact REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice for effective drug treatment and recovery services.