REST, LLC, Kentucky’s Choice wants to help you in finding a suboxone doctor and program that fits your needs. The process of regaining control over your life is going to be difficult because it is hard to let go of opioids due to cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We have come up with a list of questions for you to ask our Frankfort, KY suboxone doctors to ensure you are comfortable and confident in choosing us for your recovery journey.

How Can Medication-Assisted Treatment with Suboxone Help You?

Treating opiate addiction is not a one-size-fits-all program, each person has unique needs, considerations and requirements. If you wonder if suboxone will help you regain control of your life, asking our Frankfort, KY suboxone doctor about our program will help you better understand what to expect from our treatment and our clinic’s approach to recovery. It will be beneficial for you to hear how suboxone works from the perspective of someone who has experience in the field of addiction medicine.

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost at REST, LLC, Kentucky’s Choice?

Many suboxone clinics don’t post their prices online, but we do because we want to put everything out there for the benefit of our potential patients. We believe in offering transparent pricing because when it comes to treatment, people shouldn’t be subjected to any surprises which could deter them from seeking our services. Our Frankfort, KY suboxone clinic accepts all medical insurance, state Medicaid and affordable pricing options, because we believe MAT services should be accessible to all those who need it the most.

Contact Our Frankfort, KY Suboxone Clinic Today:

At REST, LLC, Kentucky’s Choice, your confidentiality, confidence and dignity are of the utmost importance to our staff. We invite you to speak directly with our suboxone doctors and have all your questions answered, because we want you to feel 100% confident in using our MAT program. If you live in or around the Frankfort, KY area and need to find a suboxone clinic or suboxone doctor, please contact our program today because we offer same-day appointments, have no waiting list and we will tailor a perfect treatment plan for all of your needs.