REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice for opioid use disorder treatment proudly serves the Frankfort, KY area though telemedicine services. We are available to help people with addictions to heroin, prescription painkiller, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcoholism and other issues. To serve the population of KY, our program offers telemedicine services, we accept Medicaid, medical insurance and have affordable prices. By staying competitive and keeping abreast of the newest trends in opioid use disorder treatment, we are able to save lives which is our most important mission.

How Can Suboxone Help Someone Recover from Opiate Addiction?

Moving past an addiction to opiates can be extremely difficult and our suboxone doctors know this. The use of suboxone for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder is quite effective, it is even better when it is coupled with counseling and individual therapy. At our Frankfort, KY suboxone clinic we offer patients the resources needed to embrace healing and to experience the beauty of a long-term recovery. Using suboxone for MAT is an effective, safe and beneficial way of treating opioid use disorder, which is why our program stands behind it one-hundred percent.

How Can You Be Successful with MAT?

Participating in the MAT program at REST, LLC Kentucky’s Choice is a wonderful first step in the direction of healing from opioid use disorder. It’s important when taking part of our MAT program that a person is prepared to be an active participant and committed to the healing process. We require our patients to adhere to the directions provided by our suboxone doctors, to consistently show up or check in to receive suboxone, to maintain total abstinence during treatment and to be dedicated to honesty with our clinicians. While the guidelines of our program may seem strict, it’s completely necessary to comply because it’s the only way to recover.