Suboxone is an extremely powerful and effective tool in the treatment of opioid use disorder. Our suboxone clinics serve the population in and around the Frankfort, KY area, we are REST LLC: Kentucky’s Choice for medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Only certain doctors can legally prescribe suboxone and through our telehealth program, a person can receive MAT through our clinic or online through a secure internet connection.

How is Suboxone Effective for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment?

In the 1960s, clinicians used methadone as a part of medication-assisted treatment, because it reduced withdrawal symptoms without making someone high. While methadone was effective for a time, suboxone came along and offered something new, safer and better. Suboxone clinics in Frankfort KY, including REST, LLC: Kentucky’s Choice, offer MAT services for opiate addiction because it doesn’t require daily clinic visits, it’s safer than methadone and it allows our patients to recover in the privacy of their own home. Suboxone is effective for opiate addiction treatment because it blocks cravings, alleviates withdrawal symptoms and reduces relapse.

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The words “drug addiction” brings to mind so many negative images and connotations, but we are going to do our best to change these negative images and stigma. It’s important for people to remember that even though someone may have an addiction to drugs, this doesn’t define them. You were and are a human being, we will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity if you choose to trust us with your treatment. Contact REST LLC, Kentucky’s Choice for outstanding addiction treatment, we accept all insurance, state Medicaid and private pay patients, we have same-day appointments and will never make you wait for help when you need it the most.